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Unlock Today’s Trends in OA Publishing and Pricing


The Open Access Data & Analytics Tool (OA DAT) allows the entire research community to make informed choices about Open Access. This unique resource combines anonymized surveys of publishers’ actual open access activities with disparate public data sets that have historically been difficult to use together. This online tool is presented by Delta Think, an independent publishing and digital media consultancy, with a reputation for delivering unbiased and practical information to the scholarly communications community. .

All libraries participating in KU 2018 enjoy trial access for two months

Why use The Open Access Data & Analytics Tool?

By sharing the benefits and costs of OA DAT access, libraries are enabling the community to visualize how the market is truly functioning, beyond the confines of academic OA-only studies.

The OA DAT allows you to:

  • Understand how open access is being used, and how much it is being used
  • Track open access uptake, pricing, and value over time
  • Provide information on cost-effective options by showing pricing trends for over 14,000 journals
  • Zone in on discipline-specific information by drill-downs into over 300 subjects
  • Help advise faculty on the complexities and nuances of open access
  • Greatly reduce the work needed to produce briefings and basic education materials
  • Analyze the relationship between “quality” and price. The fine-grained subject filtering allows these patterns to be visualized by specific disciplines. Find alternative publication venues that may offer comparable levels of impact at lower prices, or under alternative models (fully OA vs. hybrid journals).

  • All libraries participating in KU 2018 can enjoy a two month free trial access
  • Institutional support costs $2,300 // € 1,870 // £1,645 per annum. for a period of three years
  • All libraries participating in KU 2018 can enjoy a two month free trial access



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