Good for publishers

By offering books through Knowledge Unlatched, publishers gain access to funding to cover the fixed costs of publishing scholarly monographs in the form of a Title Fee that will be paid by the Knowledge Unlatched member libraries. In return for the Title Fee, publishers will make a version of specified books available on a Creative Commons licence.

Publishers will also have the flexibility to experiment with different approaches to maximising their income across a wider market. For example, they might choose to publish books in paperback as well as than hardback, or develop premium value-added content that libraries may be willing to pay extra for.

We believe that Knowledge Unlatched provides publishers with an opportunity to develop commercially sustainable approaches that take advantage of the opportunities of digital technology.

Knowledge Unlatched aims to work with complex markets in scholarly books that have evolved alongside technology and academic processes over several hundreds of years. As such, the role of the market in deciding which books will be supported by the Knowledge Unlatched consortium has been incorporated into our approach.

Libraries choose the titles that they would like to support through Knowledge Unlatched, so that there is still a market element at play. The final list offered to libraries is selected from a longlist by the Title Selection Committee made up of individuals proposed by the 380 libraries that participated in the Pilot and Round 2. We expect quality publishing to thrive in this environment, with all stakeholders in the academic publishing ecosystem standing to benefit from the results.

If you share our vision of a more efficient market in academic monographs, please contact us to express your interest in joining the next rounds of Knowledge Unlatched.

The following publishers are participating in Knowledge Unlatched collections: