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Download our master file: this contains all KU collections

Download KU Select 2017 records: records for KU Select 2017 will be distributed as unlatching progresses. We provide records in batches of 50 titles and number each batch so you can keep track of which records you have already downloaded

Download records for past collections : download records for each past KU collection (KU Select 2016, Round 2, Pilot) as separate files

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Dear Library Community,

Earlier today we announced the unlatching of 50 titles from our KU Select 2017 Collection. Following discussions with librarians on how to improve our MARC records process, we were excited to launch this new page today and share this great news with our community. We, however, regret to inform you that the latest set of MARC Records contained a number of errors and we have therefore taken them offline. We are very sorry about this - we are working right now to get the records corrected and shared with you.

Thank you for your patience - we are, as always, very grateful for your support and will be in touch as soon as the records are back


KU Select 2017


KU Select 2016


KU Select Round 2 Collection


KU Select Pilot Collection