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KU Open Analytics

Improving the Insights of your Usage Data

Why are we developing this?

Publishers wish to gain a better understanding regarding the use and impact of their Open Access (OA) book titles. Access to such data makes it possible to e.g. analyse the impact of OA marketing campaigns, to carry out gap analysis and to support editorial decision-making. Leveraging usage data can therefore function as a valuable component to publishers when shaping their OA strategy.

Our solution

Knowledge Unlatched (KU) has experienced these challenges firsthand and has therefore developed the first version of the KU Analytics usage reporting tool. The tool currently integrates the usage reporting of the two leading hosting platforms for OA books, OAPEN and JSTOR. The usage data is aggregated for titles made available through KU and hosted on these platforms. KU will be expanding the number of platforms hosting KU books in order to connect even more usage data for OA eBooks. The outcome will be a powerful reporting tool which includes data from many leading OA eBook platforms.

Your Benefits

  • One single reporting tool for aggregated OA eBooks usage, allowing for the creation of reports to funders, institutions, authors and internal stakeholders with just a few clicks
  • Identify institutional and country usage to help expand acquisitions, sales and distribution
  • Inform usage-driving campaigns and review marketing success
  • Review the return on investment of different platforms and inform strategy


    How can you join?

  • We're currently developing the tool together with a few publishing partners
  • The tool will be available in Fall 2018
  • Analytics will be available for all titles which have already been unlatched with KU
  • Get in contact with us now to find out how you can benefit the most from this tool
  • Receive the analytics for all titles from the moment of unlatching


    Watch a demo here


    If you would like to know more about this project, don't hesitate to contact us!