KU Open Access Week Meme Competition


To celebrate Open Access Week 2014, which runs from 20th to 26th October, Knowledge Unlatched is launching a competition.

Design your own OA meme!

Entrants will be asked to write a caption about Open Access and add it as a meme to one of five pictures:

waffle rabbit baby furball cat dog Head in Hands

Entries should be emailed to: info@knowledgeunlatched.org from 7th October until 26th October. Only one entry per person. Winners will be announced on 31st October.


What can I win?

3 winners will be picked for the funniest meme, judged by the KU team.

First prize: Glory! And the publication of your meme on KU’s website as well as a £25 ($40) donation in your name to Book Aid International.
Second and third prizes: Less glory! Publication of your meme on KU’s website and a £10 ($15) donation in your name to Book Aid International.


How to create a meme?

1. Follow the below links to Imgur’s website and decide which of the below 5 pictures you would like to use for your meme entry.

Picture 1 (waffle rabbit) http://imgur.com/memegen/create/387iSGr
Picture 2 (success baby) http://imgur.com/memegen/create/p34e8v1
Picture 3 (furball cat) http://imgur.com/memegen/create/iWt0zEg
Picture 4 (cute dog) http://imgur.com/memegen/create/U03H3Vc
Picture 5 (Tuileries facepalm) http://imgur.com/memegen/create/HIcRJW9

2. Just add your caption, save, and send the URL of your meme on Imgur to info@knowledgeunlatched.org by 26th October.

Entries can be viewed on our Facebook page.


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