MARC records now available for KU’s Round 2 Collection, provided by Scope


In a library survey that KU ran after the success of the Pilot Collection, the majority of Charter Member Libraries that participated replied that it was important for librarians to receive MARC records early on in the process, with fuller records to be sent at a later date. In order to be able to provide libraries with this quick turnaround, KU looked to finding a partner who could not only provide the initial records but also could continue availability of customised, enriched, and highly granular MARC records to successfully meet the demands of librarians.

On 18 November 2015 Scope e-Knowledge announced through its press release that it has been selected to create MARC records from input metadata available in XL spreadsheets, .mrc / .mrk and XML format files for the 78 new books Knowledge Unlatched hopes to unlatch in 2016.

The MARC records provided by Knowledge Unlatched include title level metadata for the books. Conversion of title metadata to MARC21 format along with subject classification and description as per the custom requirement of Knowledge Unlatched requires deep subject matter expertise to map the input metadata with the MARC fields.

MARC records for Round 2 monographs are now available and Knowledge Unlatched will work to create updated records as the books become available. To download the current MARC records, go to our Downloads section:

For further details, please refer to the press release:

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