KU Select 2016 Webinars


KU’s Partnership Manager Christina Emery will be presenting a webinar for librarians on the new KU Select 2016 Collection, co-hosted by various partners.

KU Select 2016 is KU's third collection of specialist scholarly books in the Humanities and Social Sciences which it hopes to make available on an Open Access basis. As KU moves out of its Pilot phase, it has expanded its offering to 343 titles: 147 front list (to be published between Nov 2016-April 2017) and 196 backlist (published between 2005-2015) books. More details on KU Select 2016 here.

The webinar will be sharing information about the collection of 14 packages, giving details on how to pledge, and about how KU’s innovative open access model is attracting publishers and libraries alike. There will also be a Q&A session.

The presentations will be repeats but with a Q&A session afterwards, and KU's partners will be co-hosting different dates.

Upcoming Dates

Please note that all times are in London/UK time unless otherwise specified. Webinars will be recorded and an email with a link to the recording will be sent to all registered attendees afterwards.


* Wednesday 11 January (4pm GMT), co-hosted by LYRASIS - Register here
* Thursday 12 January (11am GMT), co-hosted by Casalini Libri - Register here

* In German: Monday 16 January (10am GMT), hosted by Schweitzer Fachinformation, co-presented by Dr. Sven Fund, Managing Director of KU - More info here.

* In German: Wednesday 18 January (10am GMT), hosted by Schweitzer Fachinformation, co-presented by Christina Emery, KU - More info here.


Recordings of previous webinars

Recordings of all KU webinars for KU Select 2016 can be found on our Youtube channel here. In German, hosted by Schweitzer Fachinformation, co-presented by Dr Sven Fund available here.

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