KU launches Language Science Press


We are now calling libraries, institutions and individuals to pledge their support to Language Science Press. Through Knowledge Unlatched, Language Science Press seeks to raise enough financial support for a period of three years. With this support, Language Science Press can make 30 titles freely available per year to readers all around the world.

As an library or institution, you can pledge for the Language Science Press 2018 - 2020 collection at http://app.knowledgeunlatched.org. In order to support, libraries and institutions are asked to commit for a three year period to an annual fee of €1,000 ($1,060 / £ 860). More detailed information about Language Science Press and their services can be found here:


As an individual, you can also contribute and pledge your support to Language Science Press for the three year period. There are 100 slots available for individuals to financially contribute €100 ($105 / £85) per year. Please click on the button below to share your details and we will get back to you to officially register your support!


Professor Noam Chomsky


"Very pleased to learn about this fine initiative, a most valuable way to bring to the general public the results of scholarly work. It's a cliché, but true, that we all stand on the shoulders of giants, and rely on the cultural wealth provided to everyone by past generations. It is only proper that the public should gain access to whatever contemporary scholarship can contribute, and the ideas outlined here seem to be a very promising way to realize this ideal."

Professor Adele E. Goldberg

Princeton University

"Language Science Press is setting a standard for freely accessible articles and books that are carefully reviewed."

Professor Steven Pinker

Harvard University

"Sharing data and methods is one of the pillars of scholarly inquiry. The knowledge created by scholars belongs to everyone, and open access publications are a major pathway to realizing that ideal. Language Science Press, together with Knowledge Unlatched, provides an excellent way for us to make our findings available to the global public."

Dr. André Gaul

CEO PaperHive

"Language Science Press is one of the most progressive academic publishers. At PaperHive, we share their vision that openness and collaboration are the foundations of an efficient, transparent, and sustainable research process. It is a pleasure to work with them on innovative solutions that make this process run smoothly."