Knowledge Unlatched Extends Pledging Deadline until 15.12.17

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Knowledge Unlatched Extends Pledging Deadline until 15.12.17

Berlin, 1st December 2017. Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the central platform for the sustainable funding of OA models, is to extend the pledging deadline for KU Select 2017 Books (Front and Back List) and KU Select 2017 Journals to 15.12.17.

The widespread global support from the library community for KU's current collections continues to be strong, but has not yet reached the level needed to realise KU’s vision of a sustainable market where scholarly books and journals are freely accessible for each and every reader around the world. To encourage additional pledges, KU has chosen to extend the deadline to allow those who need it more time to make their pledges. Additionally, there are still slots available to support the joint initiative with Language Science Press, with the deadline for this also closing on the 15.12.17.

KU would like to thank everyone who has supported the pledging process so far. KU remains committed to developing Open Access models that truly work in the interests of the global community, and urges those who have not pledged so far to consider supporting the rest of the community in order to make this happen.

“We are impressed with the support from libraries around the world,” says Dr Sven Fund, KU Managing Director. “To be really meaningful to researchers, however, we need to unlatch a significant number of books and journals. For that, we need more financial support, and every library’s contribution counts.”

About Knowledge Unlatched (KU): KU offers free access to scholarly content for every reader across the world. Our online platform provides libraries worldwide with a central place to support Open Access models from leading publishing houses and new OA initiatives.


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Hannah Schroder, Publicity & Communications

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