KU Open Opportunities

University of Michigan Press “Peace and Justice” 2023.


Introducing an innovative new model in partnership with University of Michigan Press.


KU Open Opportunities


In 2022, KU is launching a model we hope will become standard across our collections. In partnership with University of Michigan Press we want researchers who have insufficient access to funding to participate in the global reach that Open Access publication affords. This new KU Open Opportunities model will initially consist of at least 30% of this content but will expand in future years as the model becomes established.

Opening new opportunities to all academics, including lecturers, independent scholars, emeritus faculty, and PhD candidates, the KU Open Opportunities model aligns wherever possible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Throughout this year’s offerings we are also aiming for as much synergy as possible between the SDGs and the content packages on offer. This is a strategic aim of Knowledge Unlatched and an integral part of our future conversations with publishers.


Excellence first, Funding Second!


The KU Open Opportunities collections will include at least 30% of books from scholars like:

  • Contingent faculty who are not eligible for the open access funding available to tenure-track scholars.

  • Independent, unaffiliated scholars with no possibility for institutional support for making their work open access.

  • Early career researchers such as PhD candidates who have little or no access to institutional funds.


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