KU Select 2025 Sustainable Development Goals Books


Highlights in this Round of Pledging

  1. As in the previous year, KU Select now comprises only HSS titles related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This allows us to focus on timely topics that matter to researchers and institutions, since SDGs provide a commonly agreed upon blueprint for promoting peace and prosperity for today’s society and the planet.

  2. Each of the titles in the seven SDG collections is linked to a subject category to help librarians identify primary subjects for easier cataloging.

  3. We are once again retaining up to 10% of our titles for independent and early career scholars, ensuring that fresh voices and diverse perspectives remain in the collection. This is an essential step towards fostering a more inclusive and equitable academic community.

  4. KU Select includes frontlist titles only, so that readers and scholars worldwide will have access to up-to-date research and scholarship.


How to Support KU Select 2025


Libraries have the option to support KU Select as a complete collection or any of the seven individual collections.

Libraries can opt for a one-year or three-year commitment. Those that choose the three-year commitment will receive a 10% discount on the first year.



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