KU Selection Committee

Members of the KU Selection Committee have an active say in selecting the quality and scope of titles to be included in the KU Select HSS Books Collection through a quick and easy voting process that takes place in our online portal. Members have between 21st March and 15th April 2022 to review the submissions from publishers and to make their selection. Based on the experiences thus far, the voting process takes a maximum of two hours, depending on how many subject areas are selected.

New KU Selection Committee Members 2022

The KU Selection Committee currently comprises more than 200 librarians from all over the world. We are now looking for new members to further enhance this team of experts, librarians in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, selecting the most relevant content for KU Select 2023 HSS Books. We look forward to welcoming new members to the KU Selection Committee.

Applications to join the Committee are now closed.