The Open Research Infrastructure for Phenomenology

The Open Commons of Phenomenology is an online research platform which is bringing Open Access to scholarly materials and resources in the field of phenomenology. This new initiative, led by renowned scholars in the field, is building a comprehensive corpus of phenomenological sources.

Why Support Open Commons?

Research Platform
The Benefits
Pricing Structure
Research Platform

Full Corpus of Phenomenology 

• 250,000+ references

• Structured bibliographies of leading scholars and historical figures

• Links to full texts through DOIs

• Detailed metadata with controlled indexing

Open Access Publishing 

• 4 journals (Gold, APC free)

• Digital edition in TEI-XML of Husserliana Series (30 volumes)

• OCR-digitisation of 500 rare books

• Academic blogging platform 

Digital Tools & Workspace 
• Professional profile page for researchers

• Management of all research data (conferences, courses, references)

• Annotating, visualising, and sharing tools

Sustainable Open Infrastructure

• Embedded in institutions and archives

• Public data licensed under CC-BY-NC

• Standard export formats

• Not for profit


The Benefits

As a supporting library you‘ll receive personalised technical support offered to five of your researchers to design and manage blogs or conference websites and to strengthen the visibility of their work

A membership in the Open Commons of Phenomenology Library Board.

You‘ll benefit from standardized open data management in phenomenology.

Pricing Structure

Price per year over a period of 3 years. (Price excl. VAT)

$1,180 // €1,000 // £880

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